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oh hello [14 Jan 2013|02:01pm]
Oh hello there,
i really am not sure if anyone here even still reads this little journal, but if you did, i have a new little blog for you to come and visit.

I now have two fairy girls and share our adventures and my photography.

Maybe you could all come over to say hello?

My new little blog

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[12 Mar 2009|01:43pm]
I like to dance like a ghost.

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title or description

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[22 Feb 2009|11:15pm]

i have taken in total one hundred and fifty seven polaroids. i have ten of them hanging in my living room. i have a birdcage on my bookcase and three picnic hampers and one little suitcase on top.
there are four secret journals hidden in with my books which there are four shelves full.
little miss tiddlewinkle masks (and a bear one) and rhubarb scented candles.
i have such lovely things but i am so desperate for an old record player. I would play alison krauss and old country music. cold mountain and o'brother where art thou records.
my love sometimes watches films with shooting and blood, but i can't watch. Sometimes when i do, the images wont leave my head for days. it makes me sad and i can never shake off that feeling. my heart goes out to the people even though i know they are just actors. somehow to me, they seem real. everything seems real. i forget that it is just all silly fiction sometimes. i like to believe everything. believe everything people say. pap said once that i shouldnt be too trusting. people take advantage and steal your soul.

a few days ago, my kitchen dresser fell on me. all my teacups and teapots were smashed and i have a poorly foot. i think my heart has finally started beating again. it was terrifying.

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[18 Feb 2009|11:34pm]

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[08 Feb 2009|08:09pm]
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my new white tights have been keeping my toes warm in this snow. It isn't so much fun being kept in doors all day as you are too poorly to go outside. my lungs have been hurting and i have a horrid horrid cough. Elle is poorly too so we have been watching brambly hedge and she has watched me put up my gold painted leaves on the bedroom wall while we listen to "dont sit under the apple tree".
Oh three days ago i was cleaning out a cupboard and came across my lost polaroid camera and some film. I have so many lovely ideas of what to use the film for. Crowns in the snow, pink lemonade in glasses and freshly baked cupcakes on kitchen dressers.

i have started a little etsy shop. i am hoping people might like my things. At the moment i have put a few photographs up but i am making fox, owl and deer brooches and necklaces and wooden hair clips which shall be up ever so soon.


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[14 Jan 2009|04:23pm]
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i would like to speak to the moon. ask her where she goes once in a while. and ask her if she could stop my little paws from being so cold.

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[27 Nov 2008|06:29pm]

my beautiful fairy.

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[23 Nov 2008|04:21pm]

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todays sunset never happened.
i was busy collecting goose and duck feathers for my diary. elle in the pram.
when we returned from our outing at the lake, i started to make a leaf crown.
oh, christmas is in five weeks and i would very much like some new glitter paints and some wax seal stamps. maybe a unicorn one.
it is frozen outside and i have been wrapped up in blankets with elle. bellies full of milk.
it is going to snow ever so soon and my love is going to drive me to the woods when it is. i think i shall make an igloo under the trees.

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[11 Nov 2008|09:18pm]
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papa bear just suprised me with a knock at my door. his hands were so cold. i made him tea and we sat down in the lounge
he isn't so sad anymore. the doctor is trying to make him better. i am trying to make him better.
i do love him.

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(for pap)

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[09 Nov 2008|07:17pm]
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Letters to papa

On anothers sorrow

summer came and went and i didnt even get to blink. i spent so much time alseep.
the leaves have suddenly turned gold and the squirells never looked so elegant. elle coo's when she see's them.
my hair is suddenly half way down my back and it falls into my eyes when i am trying to bake crumbles. soon i shall have to visit the hairdressers and i am scared. i want it to be golden now.
i have fallen in love with dear patrick doyle's music and fed bread to the cygnets at the lake. i have read and re-read about captian oldknowe and festi and linnet.
my list of books to read is getting longer and longer.
i found a beautiful lace collar just like ginny's.
my love and i hid in the nursery spying on the neighbours fireworks. i thought they might burst through the window!

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[12 Oct 2008|09:48pm]
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I don't think i have held my breath as much as the last three weeks. I feel so anxious all the time that my little tiny baby girl will get hurt or come into danger. People tell me how beautiful she is and my heart swells. I miss her when she is sleeping. i cry when she cries. Cradling her at three am when her tummy hurts.
Nothing else matters anymore. I have sacrificed my life for her now. She is all that matters.

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[27 Sep 2008|11:00am]
Elle Kate Louise was born on the nineteenth of september at three thirty two am. she weighed seven pounds ten ounzes and has the most beautifulest little auburn hair. i have spent every waking second with her stroking her cheeks and neck. i wish everyone could meet her.

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[12 Sep 2008|01:36pm]
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i must apologise. i have not been on for the longest time.
little baby elle is now two days late and my heart aches to meet her.
i have a disease in my pelvis which means i am not allowed to walk and my dear lover is spending his days making me soup and stroking my hair.
i want to say thank you to all the kind people for the gifts and lovely messages.

i know she will be here soon and i shall let you know when my beautiful daughter arrives.

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[22 Jul 2008|03:58pm]
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sleep little lungs, sleep.

i have started to read francesca lia block's words again. i stopped for a little while. her words make me sad. not because they are tragic or melancholy but because i know that i could never write such wonderful, beautiful sentances. my words don't seem worthy next to hers.
but my love bought me some books and my bones are crying out for her stories.

the last few days, i have been a scientist. sitting on river banks, watching ma wade through the water. she is studying little water creatures. the kind that people seem to forget are alive. water mites and nymphs and beetles. it is my job to identify the little creatures in the tray and tally down the total. we have even caught a few fish, but they are naughty and shouldnt be in our nets.
animals love my ma. i do believe she should live in the water too. she would be the most beautifulest water creature.

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[06 Jul 2008|09:22pm]
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may i tell you a story?

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[30 Jun 2008|04:25pm]

tiny maps for my love to follow and sunburnt noses.
my anniversary has been perfect.

tonight we are walking around the park and then my love is putting on a little puppet show on the ceiling for me.

p.s can you spy little baby?

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[27 Jun 2008|02:11pm]
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My heart this week lies with dear prince caspian (and peter penvensie) although i do believe that Jean Marc Perret made such a lovely prince caspian.
In a few days, it will be my loves and my first wedding anniversary. I am taking him on a surprise wooden rowing boat ride with a picnic and little lanterns and bunting to hang up around the willow trees. I shall wear my newest nightdress and patent shoes. My hamper is full of berries and lemonade and i shall be baking little cakes and brambly crumble for his tummy.
i have spent all my pennies on little presents for him and i have been in the kitchen baking raspberry scones.
what have you been spending your days doing?

my little baby will be here in eleven weeks and in two weeks, i shall be turning twenty-two.

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[03 Jun 2008|12:59pm]
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i have been saving all my pennies in my little peter pot and i counted them all up and bought a little sugar mice family to live in the attic of my dolls house. Their names are peach and melba and cherry and fig.

When I was younger, all my walls were covered in ripped out horse posters and I had written their name in red crayon on the wall next to their picture. They were my friends and I used to make up stories and sit on my bed crossed legged, telling them to the horses.
Now the room is paps and there are no pictures on the walls at all but there are still a few crayoned names. It just makes me sad that I cannot remember what the horses look like anymore.

Ma is taking me to more steam ralleys soon. It really helps my heart. Laughing and twirling.

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[18 May 2008|09:38pm]
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Today i went to pap's house. he made me laugh until my sides hurt and i went all giddy. little bailey sat on my knees and played round and round the garden like a teddy bear with my tummy and he too made me giggle when he tickled me in my sides. eight little fingers and two little thumbs. he kept telling my baby that he loved her and that when she comes out, she can go to school with him and help him with his paintings.

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[10 May 2008|09:11pm]
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i have been making paper mache masks in the garden and flower pressing.
i have also decided that i would like to take up a drawing course.

tomorrow i shall be in the woods and corn fields having a teaparty. join me will you?

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